After the the press conference to present the Appia Day (May 11th, 2019), the Urbanexperience, in the person of C. Infante, organized a radio walkabout, in streaming and geolocalized on the theme of the geodetic activities carried out along the Appia Antica for the study of the shape of the Earth and its design, from the mid-18th century until the second half of the XIX. The event, with the participation of prof. Aebischer, was a dialoguing walk on the theme, reaching some important points of the geodetic base of Boscovich and Secchi: the ancient tower of Capo di Bove with the tombstone, the leveling cornerstones, the titulus of Cecilia Metella, the northern extreme of the base. The people present expressed keen interest in the topic highlighting the need for greater visibility in the description of this scientific history along the Way.

Walkabout: The geodetic stronghold: the European Central Meridian passes through the Appia Antica
Urban Experience, May 11th, 2019

#SoftScience project within Eureka! (Roma Capitale; April 28th – May 16th, 2019)

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